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Canine Vitality Index



Deciding to set the 15 – 20 minutes aside to answer these simple questions is the hardest part.

Now that you’ve committed to your dog, it’s important you answer the WAGfactor questions as if nobody will see the results. The WAGfactor should not be seen as bragging rights or a higher score is better than a low score or worse…that a low score is somehow a reflection on you.

Actually, the reflection on you is quite positive….you are here now and that’s what matters to your dog.

Answer the WAGfactor questions with as much honesty as you can.  A higher degree of honesty means you are giving your dog a far greater chance of living a happy, pain-free life in the years to come.

While the questions are surprisingly simple (the vast majority are a single click) you must consider each answer carefully with your dog in mind. This is where the magic happens. We look forward to sending you your custom feedback and hearing about how you put your results to good use.

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